Company Profile


Bridgecom Enterprises Co. is one of the leading companies in the Philippines actively marketing and distributing telecommunications supplies being imported directly from Australia, China, Taiwan, India, Turkey and Singapore.  Bridgecom Enterprises Co. was established in 2007, with the business focusing on electrical wires and grounding cables being used by local contractors. In 2009, the company has started selling consumable items being used by Telecom Companies such as RF connectors, cables and copper system solutions. The company continues to grow offering Outside Plant Products, all the while establishing a solid relationship with manufacturers abroad whose standards comply technically with standards required by the local carriers.


Our People

Bridgecom specializes on addressing the needs of the Telecom Industry for various products with its highly competitive price with guaranteed quality. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of the business and this has been achieved by giving the best service that it can, pioneering the experienced engineers which are knowledgeable and well trained to be able to provide the best quality of service. The people are our company’s best asset, ever-providing the needs of the customer. Their commitment to the highest quality of products and services ensures the continued growth of Bridgecom. Apart from technical knowledge, our people are well trained enabling them to easily adapt to new technology that can be offered to our customers.


Our Products and Services

Bridgecom Enterprises Co. specializes in providing telecom products such as Copper System, Coaxial and RF Connectors, Balun and Balun Panels, Fiber Optic System, Outside Plant Products and equipment. Our products are being supplied in confidence with ROHS compliance and ISO certification, and have met UL approval that proves their outstanding quality.


Our Commitment to Customers

Bridgecom Enterprises Co. deals with different manufacturers all over the world, partners that has effective Pre-Sales support, outstanding quality of products, proven user references, competitive pricing and efficient After-Sales Support.